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City of Daytona Beach, FL: Employee Satisfaction/Engagement Survey

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with the City of Daytona Beach to conduct an Employee Satisfaction/Engagement Survey for its workforce. Evergreen used electronic, web-based surveys, to give employees an opportunity to express their views about city management, general direction, operations, and working conditions. This method provided Evergreen and the City with immediate feedback on survey responses. Evergreen conducted focus groups by grouping employees based on job type in order to identify job-specific areas of concern that should be explored with the entire employee population. While an electronic diagnostic survey identified many of the major issues to be reviewed in a more in-depth employee survey, the use of focus groups uncovered areas not previously considered important regarding employee satisfaction and working conditions.

Upon completion of the survey, Evergreen documented all survey findings, analyses, and conclusions. Most importantly, Evergreen provided the City with an appropriate context for assessing the results of the workforce survey. Finally, sufficient information was presented in our report so that any reader of our report could clearly follow our analysis.