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City of Branson, MO: Compensation and Classification Study

The City of Branson, Missouri retained Evergreen Solutions to conduct a comprehensive compensation and classification study to determine if the City possessed a compensation and classification system that was both equitable as compared to the external competitive employment market and equitable internally. In doing so, the City of Branson hoped to design a system that would enable them to recruit, retain, and motivate a qualified workforce as well as compensate employees at a fair, equitable and competitive rate.

The study included a complete classification analysis including a statistical assessment of internal conditions and an assessment of external equity. Specifically, Evergreen Solutions conducted a salary and benefits survey of competing organizations, reviewed and assessed current job duties in all classifications, as well as culminated a series of findings and recommendations designed to alleviate any strains on the system and, if necessary, redesigned or augmented the existing system in place at the City of Branson.