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Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools, NC: Classified Employment Study

Evergreen was selected by Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools (CHCCS) to conduct an Employment Study for all 800 classified employees. The intent of the study was to identify opportunities for making improvements, adjustments, and corrections in the district’s operations (i.e., job structures, staffing levels and pay scales), as well as allow CHCCS to remain competitive in retaining and attracting talent for classified positions.

Classified employees participated in focus groups, interviews, and a job analysis to determine the best classifications for the work performed. In addition, staffing levels and pay ranges were analyzed in the public and private sector to determine the appropriate pay levels for included jobs. Evergreen developed recommendations and guidelines for the continued administration and maintenance of the classification and compensation structure, including recommendations and guidelines related to: how classified employees will move through the pay structure/system as a result of transfers, promotions, or demotions; how to pay employees whose base pay had reached the maximum of their pay range or value of their position; the proper mix of pay; how often to adjust pay scales and survey the market; the timing of implementation; and how to keep the system fair and competitive over time. Evergreen will also provide the necessary training and materials to the appropriate CHCCS staff so that an understanding of the methodology and how to implement, administer, and maintain the recommended total compensation system can be accomplished.