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Broward County Schools, FL: External Audit of ESE Department

Evergreen Solutions was hired by Broward County Schools to conduct an External Independent Review of Services for its Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Department to determine program effectiveness in supporting positive outcomes for students receiving special education.

Specifically, Evergreen reviewed the efficiency and effectiveness of the: district and school staffing alignment, roles and responsibilities; district support to schools; support services for students with disabilities; special education related services (i.e. speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy and transportation); district and school-based communication to all stakeholders (families, schools, community and district); district and school-based professional development for administration, teachers and support staff; district and school-based parent training, parent engagement activities and development of parent partnerships; district and school-based community engagement activities and development of community partnerships; Child Find Process/timeliness, screening and evaluation process for children birth to five; referral, evaluation and staffing process for ESE eligibility which included intervention activities and the RTI process; Individualized Education Plan (IEP) process for students PreK-12 which included the use of EASYIEP™, training on quality IEPs, compliance requirements and the development of IEPs; transition/matriculation activities from PreK to Elementary, Elementary to Middle, Middle to High and High to Post Secondary; instructional technology needs included technology integration and training; inclusionary practices which included District and school-based implementation and professional development activities; student goals to ensure a relationship to the present level of performance; and student transition goals and services to ensure a relationship to post school outcomes.

Upon completion of the audit, Evergreen submitted findings to the Superintendent of Schools.