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Austin Community College, TX: Non-Faculty Compensation Review

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with Austin Community College (ACC) to conduct a Compensation Review for its 1,348 non-faculty employees. Of these employees, 872 are non-exempt (Classified employees) and 476 are exempt (Professional/Technical employees). The primary objectives of the study were to: review the current compensation philosophy and components of the college’s compensation program and make suggestions for improvement; conduct job analysis; revise and update job descriptions to reflect current duties; ensure that job descriptions reporting the performance of similar work with essentially the same level of complexity, responsibility, and knowledge, skills and abilities are classified appropriately; review the current existing pay structure and make recommendations that address living wage, structure midpoints, and structure maximums; ensure that individual levels of compensation are commensurate with assigned duties, minimum levels of experience, minimum education, and are also in line with relevant labor markets; and review current processes and make suggestions for improvement.

The objectives for the market study process review were to: review current process and practices and make suggestions for improvement; recommend appropriate sources for the market study; review benchmark positions and linked positions, and make recommendations; suggest appropriate trigger points to determine what positions may need to change pay grades and how these should be adjusted as changes in market or budget occur; and review and recommend a market analysis method that takes into consideration average pay of ACC incumbents along with the incumbents’ experience.