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Valencia College, FL: Comprehensive Compensation Study

Evergreen Solutions is retained by Valencia College to conduct a Comprehensive Compensation Study.  Evergreen’s consultants will perform a college wide review of positions and market analysis through the following tasks: assist with goal setting and project planning for comprehensive compensation study, focusing on all full and part-time faculty and staff positions college wide; review current compensation regulations and strategies, along with current practices; perform benchmarking of jobs college wide; conduct job analysis and documentation; perform thorough job evaluation for all relevant positions; review the current salary structures and make recommendations for changes in line with competitive market and best practices for all full-time and part-time faculty (to include bargaining unit members) as well as staff; update and/or develop market‐based pay structures based on job analysis, taking into consideration competitive pay analysis as noted above and ensuring system(s) are easily administered and readily updated as market changes warrant; refine and finalize pay plans and base pay program that balances internal equity and external competitiveness, making recommendations for guidelines, vehicles, and tools for pay delivery that are adaptive to changing needs; evaluate other external compensation and pay practices throughout the process to be incorporated into new compensation plan to enhance competitiveness and overall total rewards package; develop and finalize a detailed outline for implementation as well as design training and information vehicles for the ongoing administration of the plan based on findings; and design and finalize easy to understand communication plan based on study results.