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Robeson Community College, NC: Development of an Employee Compensation Plan

Evergreen Solutions is retained by Robeson Community College to develop an Employee Compensation Plan.  Evergreen’s consultants will ensure salaries are in accordance and aligned with any salary requirements, or guidance, outlined by the North Carolina Department of Community Colleges and/ or North Carolina Legislature and will obtain salary plans from comparable community colleges to identify competitive and strategic salary plans that will drive externally equitable salaries. Evergreen will provide a comparison to the North Carolina Community College System ranges (to determine where Robeson Community College ranks within the System for positions and categories – a breakdown of the system, and regional salary amounts), and include public records from external organizations in the market area (such as City of Fayetteville, University of North Carolina at Pembroke, Bladen and Columbus County).  In the end, Evergreen will work with senior college officials to identify a plan that will best suit the needs of a progressive leading community college.