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Raleigh Housing Authority, North Carolina: Salary and Compensation Comparability Study

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with Raleigh Housing Authority (RHA) to conduct a Salary and Compensation Comparability Study.  The purpose of this study was to determine the salary grades and ranges for professional, clerical, and maintenance positions at RHA as well as the comparability of the benefits package. RHA was seeking industry comparables for its professional positions as well as local comparables for all other positions.  Some of the factors to be taken into consideration for this analysis were the area unemployment rate, the cost of living, higher turnover rates than desirable, average employee retention time, and the highly specialized nature of some positions. RHA’s motivation was to set salaries that are competitive in the local labor market to enable the authority to attract, hire, and retain excellent employees.  Evergreen also conducted a job analysis as well as updated job descriptions for 30 positions.