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Land-of-Sky Regional Council, NC: Performance Audit

Evergreen Solutions was hired by the Land-of-Sky Regional Council in North Carolina to conduct an Efficiency and Effectiveness Study. The foundation of Evergreen’s approach to conducting this study centers in the simple premise of aligning needs with resources in an optimal manner. Strategic needs were the main driving force for the Council in examining its direction and alignment. Strategic needs included the expectations of citizens, the needs of the community, and the relative resources available to the Council.

In conducting the performance audit, Evergreen consultant’s assessed the organizational effectiveness and operational performance levels of the Regional Council; assisted the Regional Council in continuing accomplishments through a steadfast commitment to efficient and effective support operations; identified, initiated, and institutionalized best practices, which can be identified from other government or private industry providers of similar service or functions, throughout the Regional Council; identified potential savings from implementing best practices; identified costs to identify and implement recommendations; and developed an implementation plan to realize quickly the maximum benefits.

In the end, Evergreen developed findings, commendations, and recommendations for containing costs and improving management strategies that will lead to better and more efficient expenditures of funds.