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Dallas Area Rapid Transit, TX: Compensation Consultant Services

Evergreen Solutions was retained by Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) to provide Compensation Consultant Services. DART is a public transportation agency providing an assortment of transportation services to thirteen (13) cities in the Dallas, Texas metroplex. Evergreen provided job evaluation information questionnaires and electronically created job descriptions or classifications from the provided information. Evergreen updated information into DART’s job description database system, and submitted the updated job descriptions through its online workflow system. Evergreen reviewed, determined, and recommended revised rules, policies, and procedures in anticipation of and based on the proposed rule change regarding overtime compensation and reviewed all job descriptions and determined exempt or non-exempt status based on FLSA guidelines. Evergreen also reviewed and validated DART’s career ladder program and made recommendations for any necessary modifications. Upon approval of the job description review and update, Evergreen made recommendations for a sustainable compensation system that would ensure recruitment and retention of a quality public sector transit workforce, based on compensation benchmarking with comparable mid-sized employers, and comparable mid-sized transit agencies in the Texas, Southern region, and national markets.