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City of Fort Myers, FL: Staffing Study of the Police Department

Evergreen Solutions is again engaged with the City of Forty Myers to conduct a Staffing Study of the Polcie Department. Evergreen will perform the following tasks: develop a project plan summarizing tasks, milestones, and deliverables; conduct five interviews and four focus groups with various department stakeholders; review current pay distribution of all ranks and identify pay challenges (i.e. compression, high volume of employees maxed out, etc.); analyze current turnover trends by rank or level; explore development of additional ranks in the career structure to align with peers and best practices; amend and update current career development plan (CDP), including what would be needed for promotion, and the pay increases of promotion; provide recommendations on patrol shift make-up to align with recommended rank structure changes; and create a new compensation plan to align with recommended CDP, including one step approach and one alternative approach (hybrid or open).