CareerSource Pinellas, FL: Salary Survey

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with CareerSource Pinellas to conduct a Salary Survey. Evergreen analyzed local and national market data taken from peer organizations to determine the appropriate compensation levels for benchmark positions.

Cape Fear Public Utility Authority, NC: Classification and Compensation Study

The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority (CFPUA) was again hired Evergreen Solutions to conduct a classification and compensation study to determine CFPUA’s relative market position with respect to compensation. The study included a classification analysis using Evergreen’s Job Assessment Tool job valuation methodology in addition to a statistical assessment of current conditions.

The study included recommendations to resolve any inequities in the classification and compensation system and, if necessary, updated the existing system that will: easily accommodate organization change and growth; be based upon sound compensation principles in which both internal and external equity were considered within the pay structure as well as the concepts of equal pay for equal work, equal pay for similar work, and equal pay for comparable work; and provided for new positions to be incorporated into the compensation plan as well as appropriate adjustments to maintain the compensation plan’s effectiveness. Evergreen also provided a procedural manual and training for Human Resources employees to maintain the recommended classification and compensation plan.

Land-of-Sky Regional Council, NC: Performance Audit

Evergreen Solutions was hired by the Land-of-Sky Regional Council in North Carolina to conduct an Efficiency and Effectiveness Study. The foundation of Evergreen’s approach to conducting this study centers in the simple premise of aligning needs with resources in an optimal manner. Strategic needs were the main driving force for the Council in examining its direction and alignment. Strategic needs included the expectations of citizens, the needs of the community, and the relative resources available to the Council.

In conducting the performance audit, Evergreen consultant’s assessed the organizational effectiveness and operational performance levels of the Regional Council; assisted the Regional Council in continuing accomplishments through a steadfast commitment to efficient and effective support operations; identified, initiated, and institutionalized best practices, which can be identified from other government or private industry providers of similar service or functions, throughout the Regional Council; identified potential savings from implementing best practices; identified costs to identify and implement recommendations; and developed an implementation plan to realize quickly the maximum benefits.

In the end, Evergreen developed findings, commendations, and recommendations for containing costs and improving management strategies that will lead to better and more efficient expenditures of funds.

Florida Court Clerks and Comptrollers: Compensation and Classification Study

The Florida Court Clerks and Comptrollers selected Evergreen to assist with a comprehensive compensation and classification study. Evergreen conducted orientations, collected job analysis data, assessed the labor market, and made recommendations to enhance the current classification and compensation structure within the organization

Berkley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments, SC: Compensation and Classification Study

Evergreen Solutions was retained by the Berkley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments (BCDCOG) to conduct a comprehensive compensation and classification study of all support staff classifications. The study included employee focus groups, orientation meetings job evaluation, salary and benefits market analysis, and recommendations. The study assessed both internal and external equity related to these issues and how they impact relatively small organizations such as this.

Tampa Bay Water Authority, FL: Compensation Trends and Benefits Survey

Evergreen Solutions was retained by the Tampa Bay Water Authority to conduct a survey of identified peer organizations designed to gather trends in compensation practices and policies. The survey primarily focuses on changes related to compensation over the past three year period.  In addition, Evergreen Solutions conducted a survey of peer organizations’ benefits packages to determine the Authority’s overall standing in the market.

D.C. Water and Sewer Authority: Development and Monitoring of an Affirmative Action Plan

Evergreen Solutions was retained by the D.C. Water and Sewer Authority to develop a comprehensive Affirmative Action Plan for all employees. The process included conducting focus groups as well as data analysis to determine the level of equity present in the District’s processes, including hiring, promoting, and terminating employees. The Affirmative Action Plan identified areas for improvement as well as recommendations for meeting future needs. Upon completion of the Affirmative Action Plan, Evergreen provided training to executive leadership, senior management, and human capital management staff.

Cape Fear Public Utility Authority, NC: Compensation and Classification Study and Benefits Survey

Evergreen Solutions was retained by Cape Fear Public Utility Authority (CFPUA) to perform a review of the Authority’s existing classification plan, perform a salary survey, prepare one or more pay plan option schedules, and conduct a benefits survey. Specifically, Evergreen will review the Authority’s existing classification and compensation plan for appropriateness, internal equity, and external competitiveness. A number of specific tasks will be completed by Evergreen’s team which ultimately led to recommendations as to how the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority can better deliver an equitable and competitive classification and total compensation plan.

Evergreen first conducted a series of on-site meetings with key CFPUA employees to collect necessary background data and information, gathered requirements for the CFPUA compensation plan, and most importantly discussed with employee’s representatives perspectives, concerns, and suggestions on development of the classification and compensation plan. Next, Evergreen conducted two separate processes to measure internal equity amongst CFPUA classifications and gauge each CFPUA classification’s compensation competiveness against the regional labor market. This process assisted with development of a research based compensation and classification plan as well as up-to-date job descriptions for all CFPUA classifications. Included in the total compensation study is a detailed benefits survey and analysis centered on determining comparative outcomes between CFPUA benefits offerings and those of the surrounding labor market.

Evergreen recommended one or more classification plans to the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority and possible adjustments to CFPUA’s total compensation offerings which worked within any constraints on the Authority’s current resources. Sustainability efforts were implemented by Evergreen in the form of a detailed procedure manual and training for CFPUA Human Resources employees enabling them to maintain the recommended classification and compensation plan well into the future.

Denton County Fresh Water Supply District, TX: Compensation and Classification Study

Evergreen Solutions was under contract to complete a compensation and classification survey for Denton County Fresh Water District. The study assessed whether Denton had a reasonable classification and compensation system in comparison to the external employment market. The study also assessed the present Denton County compensation and classification structure for internal equity.

Evergreen Solutions thoroughly analyzed position classifications using the Job Assessment Tool to evaluate the internal conditions of Denton County and used market surveys and analysis to compare Denton County’s compensation to that of external organizations. When completed, the report included a series of findings and recommendations that alleviated any stress on the system and may also include new designs or enhancements for the existing system.

BexarMet Metropolitan Water District, TX: Salary and Benefits Survey

The Bexar Metropolitan Water District (BexarMet) retained Evergreen Solutions to conduct a salary and benefits survey to determine if BexarMet was offering salaries and benefits that were within an appropriate competitive range. The study results provided BexarMet with recommendations related to external equity while still ensuring that internal equity is maintained.

The study included a review of the analysis conducted on the market data, recommendations based on the compensation structure, development of specific compensation recommendations, and creation of a strategic direction for BexarMet to use in implementing the proposed compensation system.