Juvenile Welfare Board, Florida: HR Consultant Services

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with the Juvenile Welfare Board to provide a variety Human Resources Consultant Services, including reviewing and updating the Board’s classification and compensation plans and pay practices.

Raleigh Housing Authority, North Carolina: Salary and Compensation Comparability Study

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with Raleigh Housing Authority (RHA) to conduct a Salary and Compensation Comparability Study.  The purpose of this study was to determine the salary grades and ranges for professional, clerical, and maintenance positions at RHA as well as the comparability of the benefits package. RHA was seeking industry comparables for its professional positions as well as local comparables for all other positions.  Some of the factors to be taken into consideration for this analysis were the area unemployment rate, the cost of living, higher turnover rates than desirable, average employee retention time, and the highly specialized nature of some positions. RHA’s motivation was to set salaries that are competitive in the local labor market to enable the authority to attract, hire, and retain excellent employees.  Evergreen also conducted a job analysis as well as updated job descriptions for 30 positions.

Charleston-Kanawha Housing Authority, West Virginia: Salary Comparability and FLSA Study

Evergreen Solutions was retained by the Charleston-Kanawha Housing Authority (CKHA) to conduct a Salary Comparability and FLSA Study.  Evergreen analyzed the competitive range of all positions in CKHA by comparing salaries against peer housing authorities (national, regional, and local).  Evergreen further examined FLSA through a duties test for each position classification.

County of Butler Redevelopment Authority, Pennsylvania: Human Resources Consulting Services

Evergreen Solutions was retained by the Redevelopment Authority of the County of Butler (Authority) to provide Human Resources Consulting Services.  The Authority was seeking assistance in relation to its human resource function in the following areas:

  • Job Description Review and Update
  • Organizational Restructuring Recommendations
  • Job Banding and Grading
  • Compensation Banding and Salary Ranges
  • Performance Based Evaluation System

In the end, Evergreen provided guidance to the Human Resources Department staff on how to properly administer and maintain the proposed classification and compensation plan, which included reclassifications, upgrades and salary adjustment criteria.

Non-Union Compensation Study: Boston Public Health Commission, Massachusetts

Evergreen Solutions was retained by the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) to conduct a Classification and Compensation Study for its Non–Union Employees.  Evergreen consultants conducted a job analysis, evaluated and revised job descriptions (as needed), conducted a salary survey, and prepared and presented a final report that recommended a new classification and compensation structure for BPHC.  The study also ensured the new system was applied consistently and objectively organization-wide and that the new system will be easily maintainable after implementation.

Classification and Compensation Study: Alliance Health, North Carolina

Evergreen Solutions was retained by Alliance Health to conduct a Classification and Compensation Study.  Evergreen’s consultants reviewed the current Alliance Health classification and compensation systems and made recommendations to help Alliance Health attract and retain qualified employees; ensure positions performing similar work are classified together; provide salaries commensurate with assigned duties, level of knowledge, and experience; clearly outline promotional opportunities and provide recognizable compensation growth; provide justifiable pay differentials between individual classes; and maintain a competitive market position.  

Evergreen conducted a wage and benefit survey among competing jurisdictions as well as public and private organizations to determine competitive wages in the appropriate labor market(s).  In the end, Evergreen’s consultants provided a comprehensive training program for Alliance HR staff to maintain the recommended classification and compensation system.

Career Source NE Florida: Update to Salary Structure

Evergreen Solutions was engaged again with First Coast Workforce Development, Inc., dba CareerSource Northeast Florida to conduct an update to the current salary structure for all positions.  Evergreen performed the following tasks: reviewed current employee pay levels; 

assessed internal equity for areas of potential adjustment; collected market data from five peers for comparison purposes; conducted detailed analysis on Career Coordinator (previously known as Career Services Case Manager, CSCM) the Disabilities Services, Program Manager and the PD’s for the WSRI and WSRII; recommended revisions to the salary structure and individual classification placements; estimated cost and create an implementation plan for any changes; and produced a short report that summarizes findings and recommendations. 

Marshall County Personnel Board, AL: Classification and Compensation Study

Evergreen Solutions was retained by the Marshall County Personnel Board to conduct a Classification and Compensation Study for approximately 183 employees who fell under the auspices of the Personnel Board. In order to competitively recruit and retain employees, motivate employees to excel in job performance, and structure work to provide the best service to the community, Evergreen collected, reviewed, and evaluated current compensation and classification data for the County. Evergreen also worked with the County to identify benchmarks and targets for the market survey and provide strategic positioning recommendations. A final report, including the costs associated with all recommendations and an implementation strategy was provided to the County. In addition, Evergreen reviewed the County’s current performance evaluation system and developed a new tool for each major job group.

Dallas Area Rapid Transit, TX: Compensation Consultant Services

Evergreen Solutions was retained by Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) to provide Compensation Consultant Services. DART is a public transportation agency providing an assortment of transportation services to thirteen (13) cities in the Dallas, Texas metroplex. Evergreen provided job evaluation information questionnaires and electronically created job descriptions or classifications from the provided information. Evergreen updated information into DART’s job description database system, and submitted the updated job descriptions through its online workflow system. Evergreen reviewed, determined, and recommended revised rules, policies, and procedures in anticipation of and based on the proposed rule change regarding overtime compensation and reviewed all job descriptions and determined exempt or non-exempt status based on FLSA guidelines. Evergreen also reviewed and validated DART’s career ladder program and made recommendations for any necessary modifications. Upon approval of the job description review and update, Evergreen made recommendations for a sustainable compensation system that would ensure recruitment and retention of a quality public sector transit workforce, based on compensation benchmarking with comparable mid-sized employers, and comparable mid-sized transit agencies in the Texas, Southern region, and national markets.

Southwest Florida Water Management District: FLSA Audits and Salary Survey

Evergreen Solutions was retained by the Southwest Florida Water Management District to conduct a salary survey and provide FLSA determinations for 52 positions. Following project kickoff, Evergreen worked with SWFWMD to identify appropriate benchmarks and targets for the salary survey; conducted an external analysis of market peer compensation; and finally, provided details on positions to be adjusted based on market data where necessary. In addition, Evergreen reviewed the FLSA status of each position and determined appropriate exemption status given each position’s duties and salary level, as well as the Department of Labor’s rule changes for FLSA determinations as of December 2016.