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Cape Fear Public Utility Authority, NC: Classification and Compensation Study

The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority (CFPUA) was again hired Evergreen Solutions to conduct a classification and compensation study to determine CFPUA’s relative market position with respect to compensation. The study included a classification analysis using Evergreen’s Job Assessment Tool job valuation methodology in addition to a statistical assessment of current conditions.

The study included recommendations to resolve any inequities in the classification and compensation system and, if necessary, updated the existing system that will: easily accommodate organization change and growth; be based upon sound compensation principles in which both internal and external equity were considered within the pay structure as well as the concepts of equal pay for equal work, equal pay for similar work, and equal pay for comparable work; and provided for new positions to be incorporated into the compensation plan as well as appropriate adjustments to maintain the compensation plan’s effectiveness. Evergreen also provided a procedural manual and training for Human Resources employees to maintain the recommended classification and compensation plan.