City of Manchester, NH: Classification and Total Compensation Review

Evergreen Solutions was retained by the City of Manchester to conduct a Classification and Total Compensation Review. Evergreen completed the following objectives to achieve City goals: Job Analysis, Update, and Evaluation; Comprehensive Wage, Benefits, and Paid Time Off Market Surveys and Comparison; Develop Philosophy and Communication; Revise Performance Assessment/ Evaluation System; Tools and Training; and Recommendations and Reports.

Prairie View A&M University

Evergreen Solutions was retained by Prairie View A & M University to conduct a Faculty Compensation Study. Evergreen provided the following in order to complete the study: developed a plan and guidelines for implementation and maintenance of the recommended program; identified strategies, both short-term and long-term, that achieved a competitive position in the relevant labor markets; and developed cost estimates to implement the recommended compensation plan.

Okeechobee Utility Authority, FL: Employee Classification and Compensation Survey

Evergreen was retained by the Okeechobee Utility Authority to conduct an Employee Classification and Compensation Survey. Evergreen analyzed and reviewed current OUA policies and procedures with respect to employee job classifications, pay and other benefits to retain and hire employees. As a final product, a report was generated with content and format.

Valencia College, FL: Comprehensive Compensation Study

Evergreen Solutions was retained by Valencia College to conduct a Comprehensive Compensation Study.  Evergreen’s consultants  performed a college wide review of positions and market analysis through the following tasks: assisted with goal setting and project planning for comprehensive compensation study, focusing on all full and part-time faculty and staff positions college wide; reviewed current compensation regulations and strategies, along with current practices; performed benchmarking of jobs college wide; conducted job analysis and documentation; performed thorough job evaluation for all relevant positions; reviewed the current salary structures and made recommendations for changes in line with competitive market and best practices for all full-time and part-time faculty (to include bargaining unit members) as well as staff; updated and/or developed market‐based pay structures based on job analysis, taking into consideration competitive pay analysis as noted above and ensured system(s) are easily administered and readily updated as market changes warrant; refined and finalized pay plans and base pay programs that balanced internal equity and external competitiveness, made recommendations for guidelines, vehicles, and tools for pay delivery that are adaptive to changing needs; evaluated other external compensation and pay practices throughout the process to be incorporated into new compensation plan to enhance competitiveness and overall total rewards package; developed and finalized a detailed outline for implementation as well as design training and information vehicles for the ongoing administration of the plan based on findings; and designed and finalized easy to understand communication plan based on study results.

Denver Public Schools, CO: Compensation Study

Evergreen was retained by Denver Public Schools to perform a Compensation Study. Evergreen conducted a market salary survey to determine whether DPSA was competitive with its peers.

Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority (TARTA), OH: Benchmark Compensation Study

Evergreen was retained by TARTA to perform a Benchmark Compensation Study. Evergreen made recommendations to update and/or establish a structure in respect to compensation in accordance with the study. The purpose of this study was to review TARTA’s existing compensation plan as well as to conduct a comprehensive benchmark market study to ensure that all positions within TARTA are internally equitable and externally competitive.

Mariposa County, CA: Compensation Review

Evergreen was retained by Mariposa County to conduct a Compensation Study. Evergreen performed the following tasks: met together with the labor Unions and Human Resources to discuss this compensation survey and, to the extent possible, discuss and agree upon comparable counties and additional classifications for evaluation; evaluated existing job families and/or established new job families to ensure consistency; evaluated the comparable market (total comp, including salary and benefits) for each above listed classification; conducted routine progress meetings with Human Resources and the County Administrative Officer; evaluated internal equity relationships, with a specific focus on compaction, and suggested salary adjustments as appropriate; determined whether the Deputy Clerk of the Board II should be aligned for salary purposes with the Executive Assistant; evaluated whether the HHSA Program Assistant should be aligned for salary purposes with the HHSA Eligibility Specialist; produced and delivered a final report detailing all classifications and families and their place in the comparable market, specifically highlighting ones that are not aligned with the job market; and presented the final report to the Board of Supervisors.

Raleigh Housing Authority, NC: Salary and Compensation Comparability Study

Evergreen Solutions was again retained by Raleigh Housing Authority (RHA) to conduct a Salary and Compensation Comparability Study. Evergreen’s consultants analyzed the salary schedules for all positions at RHA and its comparability to other employers in its industry, government sector, and private entities within the metropolitan area.

City of Camarillo, CA: Comprehensive Classification and Compensation Study

Evergreen Solutions was retained by the City of Camarillo to conduct a Comprehensive Classification and Compensation Study. The study assessed the current classification schedule and pinpointed needed changes in job duties, titles, salaries, and benefits. The study also addressed the internal relationships within the organization to help determine proper equity in the classification and compensation system and helped determine whether the existing salary and compensation schedule was competitive and consistent with comparable employers. In the end, Evergreen provided a defensible and technically sound basis for compensating employees within the City. Evergreen also evaluated the City’s current pay for performance plan and provided alternative compensation recommendations, including Cost of Living Arrangement structures. 10 single job audits were conducted.

City of Rocky Mount, NC: Classification and Compensation Study

Evergreen Solutions was retained by the City of Rocky Mount to conduct a Classification and Compensation Study. Evergreen’s consultants conducted a comprehensive salary study of appropriate public and private sector organizations as well as non-profits and utilities to determine whether the City’s salaries, benefits and wages were competitive within the appropriate job market and reviewed the effectiveness of the City’s overall compensation system. Evergreen further reviewed the City’s salary structure and pay plan to ensure the City can support recruitment and retention of employees more effectively and reviewed the accuracy of position titles and descriptions regarding unique characteristics of the position, essential job functions, minimum qualifications, working conditions, licensing requirements, on-call requirements, and supervisory requirements, etc. Evergreen also provided an analysis of the existing internal hierarchy and internal career ladders where appropriate and assisted the city with efforts to more fully develop and clearly outline job progression opportunities and provide recognizable compensation growth. In the end, Evergreen developed and presented final recommendations with an implementation plan that included the impact of implementing recommended adjustments to current salaries both immediately and in the future.