Dare County, NC: Classification and Compensation Study

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with Dare County to conduct a Classification and Compensation Study. Evergreen’s consultants conducted a comprehensive evaluation of every job to determine relative worth within the County (internal equity), placement in the organizational structure, and to establish appropriate pay ranges. Evergreen further established appropriate benchmarking standards to include a comparison and analysis of salaries and benefits of like or similar jobs (external equity) of comparable local governments and private employers in various markets for which the County competes for labor supply.

City of Clarksville, TN: Compensation and Classification Consulting Services

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with the City of Clarksville to provide Compensation and Classification Consulting Services. Evergreen reviewed the City’s current compensation plan and gathered necessary salary data from comparable organizations within a 200-mile radius. Evergreen further evaluated the City’s current classification positions, gathered necessary employee information using a combination of job analysis questionnaires as well as supervisor and employee interviews to determine whether individuals were appropriately classified. Evergreen provided updated job descriptions and made appropriate FLSA determinations.

McLean County, IL: Compensation Study and Analysis

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with McLean County to conduct a Compensation Study and Analysis.  Evergreen’s consultants performed a comprehensive, valid and reliable job analysis/evaluation of each job class within the County to determine if the current pay grade levels for all classified and appointed positions were still appropriate and conducted a comprehensive wage and benefits survey(s) for the purpose of ensuring that the County pay plans/pay structures and benefits possess external equity and labor market competitiveness.  In the end, Evergreen developed a maintenance program to address the need for new job analysis/evaluation (including pay grade recommendation), creation of new job description(s), and the continued maintenance of the Pay Classification Plans.

Texas A & M University: Compensation Study

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with Texas A & M University – San Antonio (TAMUSA) to conduct a Compensation Study. Evergreen’s consultants performed the following tasks: identified positions and incumbents where salaries were not competitive based on use of compensable factors and ratios; validated that entry level pay grade minimums were comparable to the current San Antonio market; developed a plan to increase salaries to a competitive level to include phase-in options; developed guidelines to maintain internal equity and continue to compensate employees at competitive rates; and assisted in recommending pay grades for staff members that were currently not tied to a formal pay grade (i.e., approximately 54 staff needed to be linked to an appropriate pay grade range).