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Evergreen Solutions partners with public sector clients to effect positive change. Across the country, school districts, cities, counties, and states leverage our team’s expertise so they can better serve their employees, stakeholders, and constituents. Evergreen has partnered with public sector clients in 45 states in the U.S.



August 2019: Evergreen Solutions is again engaged with the City of Alpharetta to perform a Comprehensive Pay and Classification Study. read more

August 2019: Evergreen Solutions is engaged with the Metropolitan Community College (MCC) to conduct a Compensation/Classification Data Review read more

August 2019: Wayside School District, Texas, a private charter district, has hired Evergreen Solutions to conduct a Compensation and Classification Study and a Staffing more

June 2019: Evergreen Solutions is engaged with Middlesex Community College in New Jersey to conduct a Management Classification and Compensation more

June 2019: Spartanburg County, South Carolina has retained Evergreen Solutions to complete a Classification and Compensation Study for the County, City and County’s more